Sufficient small loan for renovation.

A small loan for renovation is sufficient for most renovation projects. The overdraft facility for the renovation costs is temptingly convenient.

With our loan advisor on small loans for home renovations, we would like to draw your attention to low-interest alternatives. – Because, even with small loan amounts, short-term financing is not allowed. Installment loan is always significantly cheaper than the overdraft facility.

Interested parties with negative Credit bureau learn whether a loan without Credit bureau could be worthwhile for the renovation.

Small loan for renovation – public loans?

Small loan for renovation - public loans?

Renovation loans are in demand. The Federal Government makes a lot of advertising for creating age-appropriate living space. KfW currently grants a loan of 0.75 percent effective interest and even a subsidy. (Reconstruction Credit Institute). But does it also grant a small loan for the renovation of the handyman?

A closer look at the programs reveals that the federal government has no heart for the popular DIY of the home improvement scene. Public grants are only granted if companies undertake the renovation and renovation.

Do-it-yourselfers who want to save a lot of money for the craftsman do not have access to public funding. Still, it doesn’t pay off to explode to expand renovation costs just to get a publicly funded loan.

Do-it-yourself – save money and lend a hand

Do-it-yourself - save money and lend a hand

A small loan for the renovation finances the usual financial needs of a home renovation. Primarily, colors and fillers are required for living rooms up to a maximum of decorative plaster. Renovation work does not penetrate deeper into the building structure. Renovations are primarily optical corrections. They are among the tasks of the living space user. For tenants, the rental agreement even specifies the intervals at which the rooms are to be prepared.

Renovations are the optimal field of activity for do-it-yourselfers. Depending on which room is to be renovated, some tools are added to the material. Overall, the focus of the costs in DIY is on the cost of materials. The work invested is your own contribution and does not have to be paid. With which the financing sum should not overwhelm an ordinary household budget.

The mistake that many make when renovating and throwing a lot of money out of the window is the type of financing. Your “self-approved” small loan for the renovation is the overdraft facility. The checking account accepts the overdraft without complaint. In the background, the house bank even rubs its hands. It collects horrendous overdraft interest for this renovation loan. The usual overdraft facility in Germany costs up to eight times the interest rate on an installment loan.

Credit volume and availability of money – small loan

Credit volume and availability of money - small loan

There is no fixed definition of the volume of a small loan. Depending on the loan provider, this mostly means credit volumes between USD 1,000 and USD 3,000. But also loans up to 5,000 USD can still be rated as small loans. Small loans are often referred to as instant loans. The simple online loan application is followed by an almost completely automated approval process.

Only income and the household bill are checked. A computer program compares the applicant’s personal score with the default setting and the loan decision is made in real time. ImprovedLend is a modern small loan for renovation from the Internet. Thanks to “Videoident”, it can be received in the recipient’s account within 48 hours of applying for a loan.

Interest rate level for small loans – how big is the savings volume?

Interest rate level for small loans - how big is the savings volume?

If you apply for a good loan comparison, nobody has to be afraid of the financing costs. Instead of 14 -17 percent for the overdraft facility, consumers only pay between 2 and 4 percent effective interest on the installment loan. As of April 2016, the loan comparison shows 2.69 percent APR for USD 5,000 small loan with a term of 36 months.

The chosen credit example costs a total of $ 207.48 financing costs. Monthly payments of 144.65 USD would have to be made. In comparison, the overdraft facility as a small loan for renovation is extremely expensive. Assuming a realistic 16 percent and repaid in 36 months, the financing would cost USD 1234.12. The household budget would have to spend USD 173.17 a month to balance the current account after 36 months.

The calculation example proves that the overdraft facility for financing the renovation is an expensive pleasure. The installment loan saves well over 1,000 USD compared to overdrafting.

Loan without Credit bureau – small loan for the renovation costs?

Loan without Credit bureau - small loan for the renovation costs?

Probably the best-known small loan with a negative Credit bureau is the foreign loan without Credit bureau. The small loan is also known as a Swiss loan or housewife loan. Small foreign credit offers a credit opportunity to people who fall through the rush of modern credit checks. If a negative Credit bureau entry prevents regular credit offers from being accepted, Credit bureau-free financing can be the solution to the credit problem.

Nevertheless, no applicant for small loans without Credit bureau should have too high hopes for the renovation. The credit check is done by hand. It is tough. Practically without exception, only people whose only problem is the negative Credit bureau qualify for the Credit bureau-free small loan for renovation. The interest rate level does not differ significantly from the overdraft facility. As of April 2016, the annual percentage rate for a 3,500 USD net loan would be 11.15 percent.


Increase credit for additional funds

Would you like to increase existing credit or maybe prefer to reschedule? There can be good reasons for both variants. We present the loan increase as an alternative to debt restructuring. Find out what the benefits of each offer are.

How the whole thing works despite negative private credit checker, we use the example of the private credit checker-free international loan. Find out more about the difference to a credit increase despite private credit checker.

Increase credit – create additional liquidity

Increase credit - create additional liquidity

The desire to increase or reschedule a loan is based on the adjustment of the loan supply to the current requirements. The offers are not the same. Debt rescheduling is always based on taking out a full new loan. In this case, everything would be renegotiable – from the interest rate to the installment amount and the term. The debt rescheduling loan would not even have to come from the current lender.

The situation would be different with the credit increase. The credit increase increases an existing loan. In principle, everything remains the same, only the term adapts to the new loan amount. The credit increase is offered by credit institutions that do not tolerate two ongoing loans of the same credit model. They enable existing customers to get additional credit even before the legacy burden has been settled, by increasing the loan.

A third model of increasing credit is a mix of debt restructuring and top-up. A new installment loan would be concluded with the current lender. This loan initially repays the legacy burden through a partial amount of the loan amount. The bank instructs the borrower of the difference. The question of which loan model proves to be advantageous for personal loan requests cannot be answered in a serious, generalized manner.

Who is the debt restructuring worth for?

Who is the debt restructuring worth for?

Instead of increasing debt, it is especially worthwhile for borrowers whose personal creditworthiness has improved since the existing loan was taken out. Regular debt restructuring offers a complete restart. All relevant debts would be combined, additional loan requirements added to the transfer fees and the entire package would be refinanced. This route would be particularly interesting for borrowers with special loans.

A special loan that was set up despite private credit checker costs significantly more than a regular loan. Simply increasing the existing loan would maintain the high risk interest rates, even though the credit risk has normalized. Around three times the interest rate for the special loan would have been roughly estimated. To grant this extra money to a bank out of misunderstood gratitude would be overly benevolent.

Borrowers with good credit ratings are in demand from regular credit providers. Only a debt rescheduling loan can help at the currently low interest rates that commercial venture credit providers cannot offer due to their own refinancing. Free loan comparisons help to find the right loan offer. Anyone who is allowed to grant the debt rescheduling loan should decide the interest required and other optional loan terms.

For whom is the loan increase worthwhile?

For whom is the loan increase worthwhile?

Borrowers who only want to increase their loan but are otherwise satisfied with their existing installment loan enjoy the benefits of a credit increase. There is no need to search for a provider because the contact person for the loan from the previous lending transaction has been determined. If the key interest rate goes up again, borrowers will increasingly opt for an increase in order to maintain the old interest rate conditions.

To be allowed to keep old credit conditions has financial advantages if the general interest rates rise again. The increase in credit is always worthwhile for borrowers for whom debt restructuring would not be an alternative. It is intended for borrowers with negative private credit checker who, for example, repay a loan from bank. With an unpaid private credit checker entry, only this foreign bank can be considered as a lender anyway.

The credit increase is possible as a hybrid between debt restructuring and credit increase. Borrowers with a loan of USD 3500 and a remaining debt of USD 1500 may increase their installment loan. Borrowers with an original 5000 USD loan from a residual debt of 2000 USD. The old loan would be replaced by the top-up loan at current loan terms. It would also be conceivable, thanks to the built-up trust, to obtain up to $ 7,500 credit more easily without private credit checker.

Increase private credit checker-free credit – easier application conditions

Increase private credit checker-free credit - easier application conditions

Obtaining a higher credit without private credit checker often only fails if the current employer has sufficient length of service. For 3500 USD credit, 12 months would have to be proven, for 5000 USD credit 36 ​​months and for 7500 USD 48 months. Borrowers who adhere to their repayment agreement with no problems enjoy the special confidence of the bank.

Internally, you run under the name of top customer. If such a top customer wants to increase their credit, they have to make the loan application again and provide the corresponding proof of income. But the top customer is released from the great hurdle of almost endless length of service. His employment contract only needs to be unlimited and outside the trial period. Instead of 12 months to increase to 3500 USD, 4 months with the company are sufficient.

For larger increase requests, for example to 5000 USD not 3 years, but only 7 months.

Increase credit – difference despite private credit checker without private credit checker

Increase credit - difference despite private credit checker without private credit checker

Only one credit provider is eligible for the foreign loan with negative private credit checker and unpaid private credit checker entry. There is no possibility of a loan comparison, more favorable interest rates and loan conditions through debt rescheduling to another loan provider.

Increasing credit despite private credit checker is not the only way. A debt rescheduling would be possible on the credit of another loan provider. Credit institutions that might accept a negative private credit checker entry would be found using the good credit company credit comparison. good credit company offers the alternative to bank credit despite private credit checker, a private loan, through its credit marketplace.



Interest rates on loans.

Very often, we hear that interest is applied to certain monetary or other operations. In addition, there are operations and purchases exempt from these interests. We know that payment terms for loans and credits are subject to interest, but what types of interest are there and what are they? What determines the value of interest?

The amount of money that the borrower (the applicant) must pay

The amount of money that the borrower (the applicant) must pay

It is above the value granted by the entity as a loan or credit is called the interest rate or interest rate. That is, this is the price of the loan or credit, it is what the entity charges for the service.

The interest has a price determined by several factors and is established as an amount of money to be paid in a given time. Whoever lends the money charges the borrower for using his money over a period of time agreed in the loan conditions. That is why interest is also known as the price of money in the financial environment.

The interest rate is usually written as a percentage that represents a relationship between the assumed risk and the profit that could be had with a sum of money. This relationship varies according to the market situation and other factors as well as time. There are two clearly differentiated interest rates : fixed and variable interest. Each of them assumes the risks in a different way.

Interest rates on loans vary depending on the situation in which the money is granted or received, that is, there are different prices for the money in each case. This is the reason why we find different interests (prices) in government bonds, in long-term deposits, investments, etc. Otherwise, it would not be profitable for the entities, nor would the client be interested in choosing one mode of investment or another depending on their situation. advertisements

Interest is higher when there is more risk in the loan.

Interest is higher when there is more risk in the loan.

For this reason, state bonds have a lower interest than a bank deposit. A country cannot be ruined (speaking in a financial sense) but a company or a particular person can end up in bankruptcy. This type of risk is what marks the price of interest at all times and these fluctuate according to the changing conditions of the economy, markets and customer needs.

This is an entry on a series of articles related to the generalities and characteristics of loans and credits where we try to bring the user information that we consider of great interest before applying for any of the types of loans that exist in the financial market.



Borrowing money for a car – Loans

Are you ready for a new car? Or would you prefer to purchase a new one? But don’t you have enough money? Then borrowing money for a car can be the perfect solution for you. When taking out a car loan you will be faced with several options.

More information about taking out car loans


It is therefore very important to gain more information about taking out car loans, so you know exactly where you stand. But what should you look out for when choosing a suitable loan? And which car loan suits your financial situation best? We have listed it for you!

What should I look out for?


When taking out a car loan, you have to take various options into account, so that you do not cut your fingers later. For example, it is important to first consider how much money you need for the purchase and maintenance of the car.

Of course it is always advisable to surrender part of your savings, so that you do not have to borrow as much money. Borrowing money for a car always costs more money in the longer term!

Also check whether the loan offers a cancellation in the event of death. This is probably not something you would like to think about, but it could happen that, in the event of a sudden death, your next of kin will be left with the debts of your car loan.

Taking out a loan and view the terms and conditions


Think about this while taking out a loan and view the terms and conditions carefully! If necessary, ask a financial adviser for advice.

In addition, it is important to take out a realistic loan. It would be strange if the term of your car loan is longer than the life of the car! Ensure that the duration is always shorter than the life of the product.


Electricity consumption and some savings tips

In April this year, electricity prices were at their highest level in seven years. About 45% higher than last year. The electricity price can be a pretty big part of your operating costs, especially if you live in a villa. How can you reduce your spending on electricity? I intend to discuss that in this post.

That May has been so warm is not only nice for the soul but maybe for the wallet too? For us living in a relatively large villa, the first quarter of this year was quite heavy when it comes to electricity costs. It was cold and snowy right into the beginning of April in Skåne. We consumed about 9000 kWh in three months, there were no fun bills! Although we are not a perfectionist when it comes to keeping electricity consumption down, we still try to be aware of where we can save a little.

The electricity price consists of different parts

The electricity price consists of different parts

Your total cost of electricity can actually be divided into three parts.

  1. The electricity you consume in your home.
  2. The net charge for someone transporting the electricity to your house.
  3. Taxes and VAT.

Normally, you will receive two different invoices that are linked to your electricity consumption. Partly it from the grid company and partly it from the company that produces the electricity that you use.

How can you reduce your spending on electricity?


There are really two ways to reduce their expenses linked to electricity. One is to consume as little electricity as possible. The second is to have as good an electricity contract as possible with the electricity producer.

The company to which you pay the network fee cannot be changed, but it is what it is. Below is a list of savings tips linked to electricity consumption.

Different ways to reduce electricity consumption are


  1. Lower the indoor temperature. One degree saves about 5%.
  2. Shower instead of bathing. Be quick in the shower and do not shower with excessively hot water.
  3. Turn off the taps so they do not drip.
  4. Get modern nozzle nozzles.
  5. Be frugal with towel dryer and underfloor heating that runs on directel.
  6. Fill the washing machine.
  7. Wash 40 degrees instead of 60. Today’s detergent is so good that most things get clean in 40.
  8. Centrifuge thoroughly and dry out if it goes or air dry instead of tumbling. The dryer draws about 4 times more electricity than the washing machine and dryer cabinet twice as much as the dryer.
  9. Fill the dishwasher.
  10. Avoid drying programs on the dishwasher, let air dry overnight.
  11. Be economical with water when washing hands.
  12. Boil with the lid on.
  13. Set the correct temperature on refrigerator (+ 5 ° C) and freezer (-18 ° C), defrost freezer, keep clean behind refrigerator / freezer.
  14. Fill the freezer, a full freezer draws less electricity than an empty one. As long as you also eat what you have in the freezer without having to throw it out ?
  15. Be frugal with the kitchen fan, use it only if needed. It carries out a lot of hot air.
  16. Stop with stand-by mode on electronics, preferably switch off with power switch.
  17. Use LED lights.
  18. Do not leave the charger in the wall socket.
  19. When you weather, do it quickly and powerfully instead of long with the window on the open.
  20. Use a timer, light where you are and turn off where no light is needed. Do you want to light outside the house to scare thieves, get motion sensor.
  21. Insulate well but do not forget that it is still important to have air flow through the house for air quality.
  22. Dense with good moldings around windows and doors.
  23. Do not place furniture in front of the elements.
  24. Pull for curtains and blinds at night to keep the heat in the house.
  25. Get a heat pump or other effective heating option.
  26. If you move or build new, build in a place with little wind. The wind can increase a home’s consumption by 20-30%.
  27. Keep track of your electricity contract and change if you find cheaper. Use comparison sites to help you.

It was a pretty solid list of tips. Hope you can embrace some of them. Maybe you have more tips, feel free to share with you in the comments field if so!


Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About KinpenFamily Credits

credit loan

You have probably already requested your credit or are thinking of acquiring one with Kinpen family. You may have some doubts at the time of doing so, but the time has come to resolve these uncertainties. See all the benefits it gives you when you buy an easy, fast and unsecured loan.


We take care of your financial health

We take care of your financial health

Our goal is to achieve your development, do not lend more than you can afford, we help you level your income with your expenses, to have the option of saving and investment, while paying your loan.


You do not need a guarantor

Getting someone who trusts you to such a degree of accepting to be your guarantor can be very difficult and time consuming, add to this the process of institutions in studying and accepting it. An eternity! By the time the process is finished, you will have forgotten what you needed that money for.

In Kinpen family everything is faster, sure, we trust you and your dreams therefore it is necessary that the confidentiality of your credit leave you and us.


In less than 48 hours you already have your money

From the moment they approve your loan they should not take too long for the transfer of resources to your account. The estimated time should not be longer than 48 hours. In Kinpen family credits we guarantee that you will be able to dispose of the money in a period not exceeding two days.


Up to Q80,000

We know that some goals and dreams require great capital, now we put at your disposal up to Q80,000. Regardless of the destiny you give to capital, we trust you and want your development.


Profit Clears Balance

Profit Clears Balance

By paying on time you can participate in the draw to clear your balance from Q3,000 to Q15,000, do not forget that the awards are made monthly. The good news is that EVERYONE can participate whether they have asked for a loan or if they will ask for one. It only complies with the policies and requirements.


Low interest rate

Low interest rate

We offer you an interest rate equal to or less than 5 percent. That will guarantee that your debt will be paid little by little, for the amount that was lent to us. But there are also other types of benefits when acquiring a low interest loan and these are the following; Financial stability, savings opportunity, positive credit history.


How many credit cards should I have?

The phone rings and on the other side of the line a very friendly voice offers you a card with good interest rates and exclusive benefits. “How cool!” Is your first thought, but then an emergency siren starts ringing in your head reminding you that you already have a plastic. “Would it be so bad to have two? Or three? Well, more than five I will not pass, ”you think again.


This is the question that torments many

credit card

Because it turns out that they used the White Rabbit credit card comparator and found the card with the lowest rates but they were also encouraged by another with good benefits. So is it worth having more than one credit card? Does it represent any danger? What must be considered?

First, the problem is not in the number of cards you have but in the use you make of them. The cards are not only charging you for what you consumed, but also the interest that generated and also includes billing, billing (annual) renewal, insurance, etc.
Suppose you have three cards and use only 20% of each credit line, you are still paying for the sending of the three statements as well as the other expenses. So, wouldn’t it be better to have two and spend 30% of each line of credit? Or have only one and spend 60%?


If your doubts are on the side of the benefits they offer

credit card

Then you should consider what your profile as a consumer. Evaluate what are the benefits you get to use and which only caught your attention at the beginning but in the end it didn’t matter. For example, if you like to travel then it is very useful to keep a card that allows you to earn miles. If on the other hand, you do not have a car and you have a card whose only benefit is to give you a discount at the gas stations, it is not very useful, is it?

Taking this information into account will allow you to decide the number of cards that are convenient for you. Finally, follow these tips:

  • Keep a strict control of your due dates, total amount of the credit line, etc., in order not to delay you and end up paying more.
  • Do not allocate more than 30% to the payment of your debts.
  • Do not get carried away by the offers that each of the cards brings.


This may also interest you

credit cards

  • Do you know how to choose the right credit card for your lifestyle?
  • Steps to get good credit
  • The five sins of the credit card

Students must borrow money

student loan

You may have received it in the media. The student loan system has been drastically adjusted. A scholarship was a performance grant in recent years. If a diploma was obtained within 5 to 10 years, the basic grant was completely canceled. This is adjusted in the new system. The scholarship is therefore no longer a performance-related grant. The government has therefore opted for a new name. The study advance. This is going to introduce students to borrow money. The basic grant will no longer be a performance grant.


Does this make studying more expensive for everyone?

Does this make studying more expensive for everyone?

When students borrow money to measure, this means that studying becomes more expensive for them. This is also apparent from the figures that the government shows. According to the government, lending money to students will generate savings of 800 million to 1 billion. This money naturally comes directly from the students. In addition, the (extremely low) interest rate for the student loans is also substantially increased from 0.81% to 1%


No more free money for the study?

student loan

Anyway! It is still possible to get a supplementary grant for the study. If the student’s parents earn less than € 46,000 gross per year, this is not considered a loan. Students with parents with an income above this limit are expected to be able to contribute to the study. If these students still want an additional grant, the student will have to borrow the money.


What does this mean for the financial position?

financial loan

Taking into account that the reimbursement period for the study is extended from a maximum of 15 years to a maximum of 35 years, this has considerable consequences. The higher a consumer’s expenses, the less he can borrow. This will therefore also have consequences for the borrowing capacity for “normal” loans and for the mortgage. Releasing a student loan prematurely with another loan is generally not convenient. The new loan will most likely have a higher interest rate. You are therefore often more expensive. Repaying the loan with your own resources is of course completely fine. Although you could take into account that you can make a higher return with your money if you have to pay interest on the loan.


The 2 Best Tips for Smart Borrowing

Perhaps no one needs to be told that many are preparing to borrow now. The conditions are favorable, the support is high, so it is an ideal time to realize our real estate dreams now. However, it’s a good idea to stew with this option. So here are some tips to help you!


Get your credit pre-qualified!

Get your credit pre-qualified!

We have repeatedly described it as one of our favorite banking services. It saves us so much inconvenience and saves us time we wouldn’t think at first. This is a process where the bank examines us financially, just as if we were actually borrowing. This will help us know exactly how much monthly repayments we can make and how much credit we can borrow . That way, we can’t be trapped in trying to claim too much and not get it. We look for a new home right away that we can definitely pay for. An added benefit is that these banks store this result for half a year . So, when it comes to borrowing effectively, you do not have to buy all the paper again, and the borrowing process itself will be much shorter.


Choose between loans!

Choose between loans!

Maybe you shouldn’t write it down, but still. Even though the conditions are good, you are not good at all credit. There is also little chance that you will be able to take out a mortgage at the bank where you keep your current account. Therefore, a thorough comparison must be made. No one can find a better solution than the calculator on Here, you can compare almost every condition, over 350 different credit agreements. And it barely takes 2 minutes. The results should not, however, be discussed with professionals. It is not always the cheapest loan that seems at first. As they say, the devil is in the details. ?

So these are the two most important things you can’t do without starting the sometimes very complicated process of borrowing. However, if you do these, you will almost certainly find the best credit for you. There’s only one way you can be more confident if you visit us, so don’t hesitate! It is our job to get the best of you.


Good Finance, a loan for every need


In Good Finance they offer you loans with mortgage guarantee for any liquidity need, as a guarantee a property (flat, house or premises) free of charge or with little pending mortgage.

You can request from € 5,000 to € 300,000 if you are over 18 years old .

What to know about Good Finance’s home equity loan?

What to know about Good Finance

You will formalize your loan with a mortgage guarantee before a notary and you will have the money in your bank account in 1 week .

The term to repay your loan is from 6 months to 20 years , and you can opt for deficiencies of up to 5 years . You can make the repayment in a single installment at the expiration of the loan (option for short-term repayment periods) or in monthly installments.

The interest rate is always fixed 

The interest rate is always fixed 

The TIN may vary depending on the amount and duration of the loan. TIN min / max 8.95% / 16% APR min / max. 9.71% / 17.89% .

Management fee: Up to € 10,000: € 1,000; from € 10,000: Maximum 11% of the capital.

In the event of early repayment, there is a 0.5% or 0.25% withdrawal compensation, as desist before or after the first five years after the loan is formalized. They accept ASNEF or RAI .

The maximum loan amount will be 50% of the property valuation .

How does the Good Finance home equity loan work?

How does the Good Finance home equity loan work?

  • If you have a flat, house or local, you can get a mortgage loan of up to € 300,000 .
  • Good Finance is synonymous with speed: an expert advisor will contact you in less than 24 hours to start the study or inform you, without any commitment and without advance payments .
  • At the same time, the advisor will tell you if the operation has been preapproved. If so, in 2-3 days, an official appraiser will value your property and you will proceed to send the documentation.
  • The cost of the appraisal of the property to be mortgaged is at your expense . You have the right to freely choose the appraisal company, the notary and the lawyer.
  • Only 1 week after your application, you can sign the loan before a notary and you will receive the money in your bank account the same day of the signature .