Electricity consumption and some savings tips

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In April this year, electricity prices were at their highest level in seven years. About 45% higher than last year. The electricity price can be a pretty big part of your operating costs, especially if you live in a villa. How can you reduce your spending on electricity? I intend to discuss that in this post.

That May has been so warm is not only nice for the soul but maybe for the wallet too? For us living in a relatively large villa, the first quarter of this year was quite heavy when it comes to electricity costs. It was cold and snowy right into the beginning of April in Skåne. We consumed about 9000 kWh in three months, there were no fun bills! Although we are not a perfectionist when it comes to keeping electricity consumption down, we still try to be aware of where we can save a little.

The electricity price consists of different parts

The electricity price consists of different parts

Your total cost of electricity can actually be divided into three parts.

  1. The electricity you consume in your home.
  2. The net charge for someone transporting the electricity to your house.
  3. Taxes and VAT.

Normally, you will receive two different invoices that are linked to your electricity consumption. Partly it from the grid company and partly it from the company that produces the electricity that you use.

How can you reduce your spending on electricity?


There are really two ways to reduce their expenses linked to electricity. One is to consume as little electricity as possible. The second is to have as good an electricity contract as possible with the electricity producer.

The company to which you pay the network fee cannot be changed, but it is what it is. Below is a list of savings tips linked to electricity consumption.

Different ways to reduce electricity consumption are


  1. Lower the indoor temperature. One degree saves about 5%.
  2. Shower instead of bathing. Be quick in the shower and do not shower with excessively hot water.
  3. Turn off the taps so they do not drip.
  4. Get modern nozzle nozzles.
  5. Be frugal with towel dryer and underfloor heating that runs on directel.
  6. Fill the washing machine.
  7. Wash 40 degrees instead of 60. Today’s detergent is so good that most things get clean in 40.
  8. Centrifuge thoroughly and dry out if it goes or air dry instead of tumbling. The dryer draws about 4 times more electricity than the washing machine and dryer cabinet twice as much as the dryer.
  9. Fill the dishwasher.
  10. Avoid drying programs on the dishwasher, let air dry overnight.
  11. Be economical with water when washing hands.
  12. Boil with the lid on.
  13. Set the correct temperature on refrigerator (+ 5 ° C) and freezer (-18 ° C), defrost freezer, keep clean behind refrigerator / freezer.
  14. Fill the freezer, a full freezer draws less electricity than an empty one. As long as you also eat what you have in the freezer without having to throw it out ?
  15. Be frugal with the kitchen fan, use it only if needed. It carries out a lot of hot air.
  16. Stop with stand-by mode on electronics, preferably switch off with power switch.
  17. Use LED lights.
  18. Do not leave the charger in the wall socket.
  19. When you weather, do it quickly and powerfully instead of long with the window on the open.
  20. Use a timer, light where you are and turn off where no light is needed. Do you want to light outside the house to scare thieves, get motion sensor.
  21. Insulate well but do not forget that it is still important to have air flow through the house for air quality.
  22. Dense with good moldings around windows and doors.
  23. Do not place furniture in front of the elements.
  24. Pull for curtains and blinds at night to keep the heat in the house.
  25. Get a heat pump or other effective heating option.
  26. If you move or build new, build in a place with little wind. The wind can increase a home’s consumption by 20-30%.
  27. Keep track of your electricity contract and change if you find cheaper. Use comparison sites to help you.

It was a pretty solid list of tips. Hope you can embrace some of them. Maybe you have more tips, feel free to share with you in the comments field if so!

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