Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About KinpenFamily Credits

You have probably already requested your credit or are thinking of acquiring one with Kinpen family. You may have some doubts at the time of doing so, but the time has come to resolve these uncertainties. See all the benefits it gives you when you buy an easy, fast and unsecured loan.


We take care of your financial health

We take care of your financial health

Our goal is to achieve your development, do not lend more than you can afford, we help you level your income with your expenses, to have the option of saving and investment, while paying your loan.


You do not need a guarantor

Getting someone who trusts you to such a degree of accepting to be your guarantor can be very difficult and time consuming, add to this the process of institutions in studying and accepting it. An eternity! By the time the process is finished, you will have forgotten what you needed that money for.

In Kinpen family everything is faster, sure, we trust you and your dreams therefore it is necessary that the confidentiality of your credit leave you and us.


In less than 48 hours you already have your money

From the moment they approve your loan they should not take too long for the transfer of resources to your account. The estimated time should not be longer than 48 hours. In Kinpen family credits we guarantee that you will be able to dispose of the money in a period not exceeding two days.


Up to Q80,000

We know that some goals and dreams require great capital, now we put at your disposal up to Q80,000. Regardless of the destiny you give to capital, we trust you and want your development.


Profit Clears Balance

Profit Clears Balance

By paying on time you can participate in the draw to clear your balance from Q3,000 to Q15,000, do not forget that the awards are made monthly. The good news is that EVERYONE can participate whether they have asked for a loan or if they will ask for one. It only complies with the policies and requirements.


Low interest rate

Low interest rate

We offer you an interest rate equal to or less than 5 percent. That will guarantee that your debt will be paid little by little, for the amount that was lent to us. But there are also other types of benefits when acquiring a low interest loan and these are the following; Financial stability, savings opportunity, positive credit history.

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